Beyond Pricing

Andy-Warhol-001 Credit: Andy Warhol Foundation
The New Year was barely into its first week when we were confronted with the issue of price and value in our work.
We had completed two small projects for a new client, they admitted they really liked our writing style, then suddenly contended their budget could only support one-half of our already quoted fee for any future projects.
In today’s business world, it seems to be all about the money and the price, rather than about experience, value, service or many of the other amenities that professionals provide to their clients. By declining to discount our already fair price, we lost additional business from this particular client, but learned a valuable lesson. It’s important to ask for and receive a fair price for whatever work you do in the world. Clients may come and go but clients who look only at the price tag will never really respect or value the product or service you bring to them. What’s your self-respect worth?

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